Part 25. Historical Military Reenactment Groups.

143B-126. Voluntary registration; designation of names; registration symbol.

The Department of Natural and Cultural Resources shall establish a program for the voluntary registration of historical military reenactment groups. The Department shall require, as part of the registration procedure, the filing of a copy of the various bylaws governing the groups. The Department shall designate the names to be used by the groups to ensure a lack of duplication or confusion between the groups and shall, in the case of duplicate name requests, decide the use of a particular name based on the longest period of existence as shown by the dates of the bylaws or other evidence of creation. The Department shall create a seal or other logo which shall indicate registration with the Department and shall be authorized for use only by groups properly registered pursuant to this part. (1981, c. 523, s. 1; 2015-241, s. 14.30(s).)