143B-123. Rules and procedures; standards for qualification for funds.

The Department of Natural and Cultural Resources shall be authorized to adopt rules and procedures necessary to implement this program and shall adopt standards which must be met by organizations within the counties in order to qualify for funds under the Grassroots Arts Program. The standards adopted shall include, but not be limited to the following:

(1) The organization must show that it exists primarily to aid the arts and that it aids the arts in all its forms including the performing, visual and literary.

(2) The organization must show that its programs are open to the entire community.

(3) The organization must show that it is a nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation, governed by a citizen board which is not self-perpetuating, and that it has been in existence and active for at least one full year.

(4) The organization must show that it can match funds available under the Grassroots Arts Program with public or private funds from within the county in which it is located at a ratio of one-to-one. (1977, c. 1008, s. 3; 2015-241, s. 14.30(s).)