143-64.02. Definitions.

As used in Part 1 of this Article, except where the context clearly requires otherwise:

(1) "Agency" means an existing department, institution, commission, committee, board, division, or bureau of the State.

(2) "Nonprofit tax exempt organizations" means the following entities certified by the Internal Revenue Service as tax-exempt nonprofit organizations under section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code of 1954: medical institutions, hospitals, clinics, health centers, school systems, schools, colleges, universities, schools for the mentally retarded, schools for the physically handicapped, radio and television stations licensed by the Federal Communications Commission as educational radio or educational television stations, public libraries, civil defense organizations, and nonprofit entities that are qualified under rules adopted by the State Surplus Property Agency of the Department of Administration to refurbish computers and donate them to low-income students or households throughout the State.

(3) "Recyclable material" means a recyclable material, as defined in G.S. 130A-290, that the Secretary of Administration determines, consistent with G.S. 130A-309.14, to be a recyclable material.

(4) "State owned" means supplies, materials, and equipment in the possession of the State of North Carolina and purchased with State funds, personal property donated to the State, or personal property purchased with other funds that give ownership to the State.

(5) "Surplus property" means personal property that is no longer needed by a State agency. (1991, c. 358, s. 2; 1998-223, s. 1; 2015-241, s. 27.3(e); 2017-67, s. 1(a).)