143-140. Hearings before enforcement agencies as to questions under Building Code.

(a) Any person desiring to raise any question under this Article or under the North Carolina State Building Code shall be entitled to a technical interpretation from the appropriate enforcement agency, as designated in the preceding section. Upon request in writing by any such person, the enforcement agency through an appropriate official shall within a reasonable time provide a written interpretation, setting forth the facts found, the decision reached, and the reasons therefor. In the event of dissatisfaction with such decision, the person affected shall have the options of:

(1) Appealing to the Building Code Council or

(2) Appealing directly to the Superior Court, as provided in G.S. 143-141.

(b) If an interpretation under this section or under G.S. 143-141(b) changes after a building permit is issued, the permit applicant may choose which version of the interpretation will apply to the permit, unless such a choice would cause harm to life or property. (1957, c. 1138; 1989, c. 681, s. 4; 2017-130, s. 6.)