143-138.1. Introduction and instruction of the North Carolina Building Code; posting of written commentaries and interpretations on Department of Insurance Web site.

(a) Prior to the effective date of Code changes pursuant to G.S. 143-138, the State Building Code Council and Department of Insurance shall provide for instructional classes for the various trades affected by the Code. The Department of Insurance shall develop the curriculum for each class but shall consult the affected licensing boards and trade organizations. The curriculum shall include explanations of the rationale and need for each Code amendment or revision. Classes may also be conducted by, on behalf of, or in cooperation with licensing boards, trade associations, and professional societies. The Department of Insurance may charge fees sufficient to recover the costs it incurs under this section. The Council shall ensure that courses are accessible to persons throughout the State.

(b) The Department of Insurance shall post and maintain on that portion of its Web site devoted to the Building Code Council written commentaries and written interpretations made and given by staff to the Council and the Department for each section of the North Carolina Building Code within 10 business days of issuance. (1997-26, s. 6; 2013-118, s. 3.5; 2015-145, s. 6.2.)