§ 142‑67.  Certificates of participation.

(a) If the State Treasurer determines that the State would realize debt service savings under one or more financing contracts if certificates of participation are issued with respect to the rights to receive payments under the financing contract, then the State Treasurer is authorized to take actions, with the consent of the Council of State, that will effectuate the delivery of certificates of participation for that purpose.

(b) Terms; Interest. – Certificates of participation may be sold by the State Treasurer in the manner, either at public or private sale, and for any price or prices that the State Treasurer determines to be in the best interest of the State and to effect the purposes of this Article, except that the terms of the sale must also be approved by the special corporation. Interest payable with respect to certificates of participation shall accrue at the rate or rates determined by the State Treasurer with the approval of the special corporation.

(c) Trust Agreement. – Certificates of participation may be delivered pursuant to a trust agreement or similar instrument with a corporate trustee approved by the State Treasurer. (2002‑161, s. 9.)