§ 142‑29.7.  Additional refunding obligation provisions.

In fixing the details of refunding obligations, the State Treasurer may provide that any of the refunding obligations:

(1) May be made payable from time to time on demand or tender for purchase by the owner thereof provided a credit facility supports such refunding obligations, unless the State Treasurer specifically determines that a credit facility is not required upon a finding and determination by the State Treasurer that the absence of a credit facility will not materially and adversely affect the financial position of the State and the marketing of the refunding obligations at a reasonable interest cost to the State;

(2) May be additionally supported by a credit facility;

(3) May be made subject to redemption prior to maturity with such variations as may be permitted in connection with a par formula;

(4) May bear interest at a rate or rates that may vary as permitted pursuant to a par formula and for such period or periods of time, all as may be provided in the proceedings providing for the issuance of such refunding obligations; and

(5) May be made the subject of a remarketing agreement whereby an attempt is made to remarket the refunding obligations to new purchasers prior to their presentment for payment to the provider of the credit facility or to the State.

If the aggregate principal amount repayable by the State under an agreement is in excess of the aggregate principal amount of refunding  obligations secured by the related credit facility, whether as a result of the inclusion in the credit facility of a provision for the payment of interest for a limited period of time or the payment of a redemption premium or for any other reason, then the amount of authorized but unissued refunding obligations during the term of such agreement shall not be less than the amount of such excess, unless the payment of such excess is otherwise provided for by agreement of the State executed by the State Treasurer. (1935, c. 445, s. 7; 1985 (Reg. Sess., 1986), c. 823, s. 1.)