§ 142‑29.4.  Powers.

In addition to the powers it may now or hereafter have, the State shall have the following powers, subject to the provisions of this Article and applicable bond documentation:

(1) to borrow money and issue one or more series of refunding obligations for the purpose of refunding all or any part of any series or combination of series of outstanding obligations including, without limitation, the payment of any redemption premium thereon and any interest accrued or to accrue to the date of redemption or maturity or maturities of such outstanding obligations;

(2) to apply the proceeds of refunding obligations

a. to the payment and retirement of outstanding obligations by direct application to such payment and retirement,

b. to the payment and retirement of outstanding obligations, whether by redemption or in accordance with their terms, by the deposit in trust of such proceeds,

c. to the payment of any expenses incurred in connection with such refunding, including the expense of any credit facility employed in connection with such refunding obligations, including, without limitation, bond insurance policies, letters of credit and lines of credit, and

d. for such other uses not inconsistent with any such refunding,

(3) to issue refunding obligations in combination with any other bonds, bond anticipation notes, notes or financial obligations issued by the State;

(4) to issue refunding obligations bearing interest at rates lower, the same as or higher than and having maturities shorter, the same as or longer than the outstanding obligations being refunded;

(5) to issue one series of refunding obligations to refund one or more series of outstanding obligations;

(6) to issue refunding obligations in exchange for outstanding obligations;

(7) to apply to any purpose consistent with any refunding, including the funding of an escrow fund or account to be used for the payment or redemption of any outstanding obligations, moneys made available as a consequence of such refunding, including, without limitation, any moneys then on deposit in debt service reserve funds, principal accounts, interest accounts and sinking fund accounts in respect of the outstanding obligations being refunded and, subject to the approval of the Council of State, any moneys appropriated by the General Assembly for the payment of principal of or interest on the outstanding obligations being refunded; and

(8) to invest any moneys, including any moneys held in trust, in  authorized investments. (1935, c. 445, s. 4; 1985 (Reg. Sess., 1986), c. 823, s. 1.)