141-7.1. Southern lateral seaward boundary.

The lateral seaward boundary between North Carolina and South Carolina from the low-water mark of the Atlantic Ocean shall be and is hereby designated as a continuation of the North Carolina-South Carolina boundary line as described by monuments located at Latitude 33 51' 50.7214" North, Longitude 78 33' 22.9448" West, at Latitude 33 51' 36.4626" North, Longitude 78 33' 06.1937" West, and at Latitude 33 51' 07.8792" North, Longitude 78 32' 32.6210" West, in a straight line projection of said line to the seaward limits of the States' territorial jurisdiction, such line to be extended on the same bearing insofar as a need for further delimitation may arise. (1979, c. 894; 1981, c. 744.)