139-40. Conduct of election.

(a) There shall be no new registration of voters for such an election. Registration shall be open for registration of new voters in said county and registration of any and all legal residents of said county, who are or could legally be enfranchised as qualified voters for regular general elections, shall be carried out in accordance with the general election laws of the State of North Carolina as provided for local elections. Notice of such registration of new voters shall be published in a newspaper circulated in said county, once, not less than 55 days before and not more than 65 days before the election, stating the hours and days for registration. The special election, if called, shall be under the control and supervision of the county board of elections.

(b) The form of the question shall be substantially the words "For Watershed Improvement Tax of Not More Than ______ Cents Per One Hundred Dollar ($100.00) Valuation," and "Against Watershed Improvement Tax of Not More Than ______ Cents Per One Hundred Dollar ($100.00) Valuation," which alternates shall appear separated from each other on one ballot containing opposite, and to the left of each alternate, squares of appropriate size in one of which squares the voter may make a mark "X" to designate the voter's choice for or against such tax, provided, the board of county commissioners may vary the aforesaid form of the question to be placed upon the ballot for the watershed improvement tax election in such manner as the board deems appropriate, and the board of elections shall cause to be placed upon the ballot such form of the question as may be requested by the board of county commissioners. The board of county commissioners shall designate the amount of the maximum annual rate of such tax to be levied, which amount may be less than but may not exceed twenty-five cents (25) on the one hundred dollar ($100.00) valuation of property in the county, and said amount shall be stated on the ballot in the question to be voted upon. Such ballot shall be printed on white paper and each polling place shall be supplied with a sufficient number of ballots not later than the day before the election. At such special election the election board shall cause to be placed at each voting precinct in said county a ballot box marked "Watershed Improvement Tax Election".

(c) The duly appointed judges and other election officials who are named and fixed by the county board of elections shall count the ballots so cast in such election and the results of the election shall be officially canvassed, certified and announced by the proper officials of the board of elections, according to the manner of canvassing, certifying and announcing the elections held under the general election laws of the State as provided for local elections.

(d) If a majority of those voting in such election favor the levying of such a tax, the board of commissioners of such county is authorized to levy a special tax at a rate not to exceed twenty-five cents (25) on each one hundred dollars ($100.00) of assessed value of real and personal property taxable in said county, not to exceed the maximum rate of tax approved by the voters in such election, and the General Assembly does hereby give its special approval for the levy of such special tax. (1959, c. 781, s. 10; 1961, c. 32; 1969, c. 711, s. 2; 1993 (Reg. Sess., 1994), c. 762, s. 10.)