§ 136‑89.52.  Acquisition of property and property rights.

For the purposes of this Article, the Department of Transportation may acquire private or public property and property rights for controlled‑access facilities and service or frontage roads, including rights of access, air, view and light, by gift, devise, purchase, or condemnation in the same manner as now or hereafter authorized by law to acquire such property or property rights in connection with highways. The property rights acquired under the provisions of this Article may be in fee simple or an appropriate easement for right‑of‑way in perpetuity. In connection with the acquisition of property or property rights for any controlled‑access facility or portion thereof, or frontage road in connection therewith, the Department of Transportation may, in its discretion, with the consent of the landowner, acquire an entire lot, parcel, or tract of land, if by so doing, the interests of the public will be best served, even though said entire lot, parcel, or tract is not immediately needed for the right‑of‑way proper.

Along new controlled‑access highway locations, abutting property owners shall not be entitled to access to such new locations, and no abutter's easement of access to such new locations shall attach to said property. Where part of a tract of land is taken or acquired for the construction of a controlled‑access facility on a new location, the nature of the facility constructed on the part taken, including the fact that there shall be no direct access thereto, shall be considered in determining the fair market value of the remaining property immediately after the taking. (1957, c. 993, s. 5; 1969, c. 946; 1973, c. 507, s. 5; 1977, c. 464, s. 7.1.)