§ 136‑89.215.  Required action upon receiving bill for open road toll and processing fee for unpaid toll.

(a) Action Required. – A person who receives a bill from the Authority for an unpaid open road toll must take one of the following actions within 30 days of the date of the bill:

(1) Pay the bill.

(2) Send a written request to the Authority for a review of the toll.

(b) Fee. – If a person does not take one of the actions required under subsection (a) of this section within the required time, the Authority may add a processing fee to the amount the person owes. The processing fee may not exceed six dollars ($6.00). A person may not be charged more than forty‑eight dollars ($48.00) in processing fees in a 12‑month period.

The Authority must set the processing fee at an amount that does not exceed the costs of collecting the unpaid toll. (2008‑225, s. 2; 2010‑133, s. 4; 2013‑183, s. 5.6.)