§ 136‑89.213.  Administration of tolls and requirements for open road tolls.

(a) Administration. –  The Authority is responsible for collecting tolls on Turnpike projects. In exercising its authority under G.S. 136‑89.183 to perform or procure services required by the Authority, the Authority may contract with one or more providers to perform part or all of the collection functions and may enter into agreements to exchange information, including confidential information under subsection (a1) of this section, that identifies motor vehicles and their owners with one or more of the following entities: the Division of Motor Vehicles of the Department of Transportation, another state, another toll operator, a toll collection‑related organization, or a private entity that has entered into a partnership agreement with the Authority pursuant to G.S. 136‑89.183(a)(17). Further, the Authority may assign its authority to fix, revise, charge, retain, enforce, and collect tolls and fees under this Article to a private entity that has entered into a partnership agreement with the Authority pursuant to G.S. 136‑89.183(a)(17).

(a1) Identifying information obtained by the Authority through an agreement is not a public record and is subject to the disclosure limitations in 18 U.S.C. § 2721, the federal Driver's Privacy Protection Act. The Authority shall maintain the confidentiality of all information required to be kept confidential under 18 U.S.C. § 2721(a), as well as any financial information, transaction history, and information related to the collection of a toll or user fee from a person, including, but not limited to, photographs or other recorded images or automatic vehicle identification or driver account information generated by radio‑frequency identification or other electronic means. Notwithstanding the provisions of this section:

(1) The account holder may examine his own account information, and the Authority may use the account information only for purposes of collecting and enforcing tolls.

(2) A party, by authority of a proper court order, may inspect and examine confidential account information.

(b) Open Road Tolls. – If a Turnpike project uses an open road tolling system, the Authority must operate a facility that is in the immediate vicinity of the Turnpike project or provide an alternate means to accept cash payment of the toll and must place signs on the Turnpike project that give drivers the following information:

(1) Notice that the driver is approaching a highway for which a toll is required. Signs providing this information must be placed before the toll is incurred.

(2) The methods by which the toll may be paid.

(3) If applicable, directions to the nearby facility that accepts cash payment of the toll. (2008‑225, s. 2; 2012‑78, s. 12; 2013‑183, s. 5.6.)