§ 136‑89.211.  Tolls for use of Turnpike project.

In exercising its authority under G.S. 136‑89.183 to set tolls for the use of a Turnpike project, the Authority may not do any of the following:

(1) Set open road tolls that vary for the same class of motor vehicle depending on the method by which the Authority identifies a motor vehicle that drives on the Turnpike project. This does not preclude the Authority from allowing a discount for a motor vehicle equipped with an electronic toll collection transponder or a motor vehicle that has prepaid its toll.

(2) Exempt a motor vehicle that is not a law enforcement vehicle, an emergency fire or rescue vehicle, or an emergency medical services vehicle from the requirement of paying a toll for the use of a Turnpike project. (2008‑225, s. 2; 2010‑133, s. 2.)