§ 136‑89.183B.  Accelerated Herbert C. Bonner Bridge Replacement Project.

(a) Contract for Accelerated Construction of the Herbert C. Bonner Replacement Bridge Project. – The Department of Transportation shall implement all reasonable measures to expedite completion of environmental reviews required by the National Environmental Policy Act. Within 90 days of receiving an approved Record of Decision from the Federal Highway Administration, the Department shall contract with a single private firm to design and build a replacement bridge for the Herbert C. Bonner Bridge at Oregon Inlet, in accordance with G.S. 136‑28.11, in order to expedite and accelerate the efficient, cost effective completion of the project.

(b) Replacement Bridge; Termini. – The General Assembly recommends that the replacement bridge constructed pursuant to this section shall be located with north and south termini located in general proximity to the termini of the existing Herbert C. Bonner Bridge. It is recognized, however, that the preferred alternative for the bridge location cannot be determined prior to compliance with all federal and State laws and regulations.

(c) Department to Report on Project. – The Department shall report to the Joint Legislative Transportation Oversight Committee on December 1, 2005, and each December 1 thereafter until completion, on the progress of the accelerated bridge project described in this section. (2005‑275, s. 6(b); 2005‑382, s. 3.)