§ 136‑71.8.  Findings.

The General Assembly hereby finds that it is in the public interest, health, safety, and welfare for the State to encourage and provide for the efficient and safe use of the bicycle; and that to coordinate plans for bikeways most effectively with those of the State and local governments as they affect roads, streets, schools, parks and other publicly owned lands, abandoned roadbeds and conservation areas, while maximizing the benefits from the use of tax dollars, a single State agency, eligible to receive federal matching funds, should be designated to establish and maintain a statewide bikeways program. The General Assembly also finds that bikeways are a bona fide highway purpose, subject to the same rights and responsibilities, and eligible for the same considerations as other highway purposes and functions. (1973, c. 1447, s. 3; 1977, c. 1021, s. 1.)