§ 136‑70.  Alteration or abandonment of cartways, etc., in same manner.

Cartways or other ways established under this Article or heretofore established, may be altered, changed, or abandoned in like manner as herein provided for their establishment upon petition instituted by any interested party: Provided, that all cartways, tramways, or railways established for the removal of timber shall automatically terminate at the end of a period of five years, unless a greater time is set forth in the petition and the judgment establishing the same. (1798, c. 508, ss. 1, 2, 3, P.R.; 1834, c. 16, s. 1; R.C., c. 101, s. 38; Code, s. 2057; 1887, c. 46, s. 2; c. 266; Rev., s. 2694; C.S., s. 3837; 1931, c. 448; 1995, c. 513, s. 3.)