§ 136‑28.11.  Design‑build construction of transportation projects.

(a) Design‑Build Contracts Authorized. – Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the Board of Transportation may award contracts each fiscal year for construction of transportation projects on a design‑build basis.

(b) Design‑Build Contract Amounts; Basis of Award. – The Department may award contracts for the construction of transportation projects on a design‑build basis of any amount. The Department shall endeavor to ensure design‑build projects are awarded on a basis to maximize participation, competition, and cost benefit. On any project for which the Department proposes to use the design‑build contracting method, the Department shall attempt to structure and size the contracts for the project in order that contracting firms and engineering firms based in North Carolina have a fair and equal opportunity to compete for the contracts.

(c) Disadvantaged Business Participation Goals. – The provisions of G.S. 136‑28.4 and 49 C.F.R. Part 26 shall apply to the award of contracts under this section.

(d) Repealed by Session Laws 2013‑360, s. 34.2(c), effective July 1, 2013.

(e) Reporting Requirements. – The Department, for any proposed design‑build project projected to have a construction cost in excess of fifty million dollars ($50,000,000), shall present to the Joint Legislative Transportation Oversight Committee information on the scope and nature of the project and the reasons the development of the project on a design‑build basis will best serve the public interest. (2001‑424, s. 27.2(a); 2002‑151, s. 2; 2007‑357, s. 1; 2011‑145, s. 28.4; 2013‑360, s. 34.2(c).)