§ 136‑213.  Administration and staff.

(a) Administrative Entity. – Each Rural Transportation Planning Organization, working in cooperation with the Department, shall select an appropriate administrative entity for the organization. Eligible administrative entities include, but are not limited to, regional economic development agencies, regional councils of government, chambers of commerce, and local governments.

(b) Professional Staff. – The Department, each Rural Transportation Planning Organization, and any adjacent Metropolitan Planning Organization shall cooperatively determine the appropriate professional planning staff needs of the organization.

(c) Funding. – If funds are appropriated for that purpose, the Department may make grants to Rural Transportation Planning Organizations to carry out the duties listed in G.S. 136‑212. The members of the Rural Transportation Planning Organization shall contribute at least twenty percent (20%) of the cost of any staff resources employed by the organization to carry out the duties listed in G.S. 136‑212. The Department may make additional planning grants to economically distressed counties, as designated by the North Carolina Department of Commerce. (2000‑123, s. 2; 2002‑170, s. 3.)