§ 136‑195.  To regulate crossings and to abolish grade crossings.

The Department may require the raising or lowering of any tracks or roadway at any grade crossing in a road or street not forming a link in or part of the State highway system and designate who shall pay for the same by partitioning the cost of said work and the maintenance of such crossing among the railroads and municipalities interested in accordance with the formula provided for grade crossing alterations or eliminations on the State highway system in G.S. 136‑20(b). (1899, c. 164, s. 2, subsec. 13; Rev., s. 1097; 1907, c. 469, s. 1c; 1911, c. 197, s. 1; C.S. ss. 1041, 1048; 1933, c. 134; s. 8; 1941, c. 97; 1963, c. 1165, s. 1; 1998‑128, ss. 14, 15.)