§ 136‑191.  Intersection with highways.

Whenever the track of a railroad shall cross a highway or turnpike, such highway or turnpike may be carried under or over the track, as may be found most expedient; and in cases where an embankment or cutting shall make a change in the line of such highway or turnpike desirable, then the railroad company may take such additional lands for the construction of the road, highway or turnpike on such new line as may be deemed requisite. Unless the land so taken shall be purchased for the purposes aforesaid, compensation therefor shall be ascertained in the manner prescribed in the Chapter Eminent Domain, and duly made by such corporation to the owners and persons interested in such land. The same when so taken shall become a part of such intersecting highway or turnpike in such manner and by such tenure as the adjacent parts of the same highway or turnpike may be held for highway purposes. (1871‑2, c. 138, s. 26; Code, s. 1954; Rev., s. 2568; C.S., s. 3448; 1963, c. 1165, s. 1; 1998‑128, s. 14.)