§ 136‑19.4A.  Required surveying information in certain acquisition plans.

The Department of Transportation shall include in any plan prepared for the purpose of acquiring right‑of‑way, a permanent easement, or both, that depicts property lines, right‑of‑way lines, or permanent easements, a set of drawings that clearly identify design alignments, baseline control points, found property‑related corner markers, and new right‑of‑way and permanent easement corner markers. Plans subject to the requirements of this section shall document the localized coordinates for each major control point along the design alignments. The coordinates and associated localization metadata shall be based upon, and tied to, the North Carolina State Plane Coordinate system and shall be clearly identified within the plans. All property corner markers found and surveyed shall be clearly identified within the plans in accordance with general surveying standards and procedures. Each property corner marker shall be accurately tied to the design alignment or the North Carolina State Plane Coordinate system, by either a system of bearings and distances or by station and offset. (2017‑137, s. 1; 2017‑212, s. 1.3.)