§ 136‑19.3.  Acquisition of buildings.

Where the right‑of‑way of a proposed highway or other transportation project necessitates the taking of a portion of a building or structure, the Department of Transportation may acquire, by condemnation or purchase, the entire building or structure, together with the right to enter upon the surrounding land for the purpose of removing said building or structure, upon a determination by the Department of Transportation based upon an affidavit of an independent real estate appraiser that the partial taking will substantially destroy the economic value or utility of the building or structure and (i) that an economy in the expenditure of public funds will be promoted thereby; or (ii) that it is not feasible to cut off a portion of the building without destroying the entire building; or (iii) that the convenience, safety or improvement of the transportation project will be promoted thereby; provided, nothing herein contained shall be deemed to give the Department of Transportation authority to condemn the underlying fee of the portion of any building or structure which lies outside the right‑of‑way of any existing or proposed transportation project, including a public road, street or highway. (1965, c. 660; 1973, c. 507, s. 5; 1977, c. 464, s. 7.1; 2009‑266, s. 8.)