§ 136‑189.22.  High‑impact and low‑cost construction projects.

Of the funds appropriated to the Mobility/Modernization Fund in the Highway Fund, forty‑eight percent (48%) of the funds shall be used for construction projects that are high impact and low cost. The funds shall be allocated equally among the 14 highway divisions. Projects funded under this section include intersection improvement projects, minor widening projects, and operational improvement projects. The Department shall develop a quantitative, evidence‑based formula to use in selecting projects to receive funding under this section. At a minimum, the Department shall consider all of the following in developing the formula required by this section:

(1) The average daily traffic volume of a roadway and whether the proposed project will generate additional traffic.

(2) Any restrictions on a roadway.

(3) Any safety issues with a roadway.

(4) The condition of the lanes, shoulders, and pavement on a roadway.

(5) The sight distance and radius of any intersection on a roadway. (2019‑231, s. 4.12(a).)