Article 14C.

Mobility/Modernization Fund.

§ 136‑189.20.  Spot Mobility Program.

(a) Of the funds appropriated to the Mobility/Modernization Fund in the Highway Fund, forty percent (40%) of the funds shall be used for a Spot Mobility Program that shall be managed by the State Traffic Engineer of the Department of Transportation. The purpose of the Spot Mobility Program is to provide funding for small projects that will reduce traffic congestion and vehicular delay times. The Department shall develop a quantitative, evidence‑based formula to use in selecting projects to receive funding from the Spot Mobility Program. At a minimum, the Department shall consider all of the following in developing the formula required by this section:

(1) The travel‑time savings resulting from the proposed project.

(2) Reductions to motor vehicle queues resulting from the proposed project.

(3) The service life of the proposed project.

(4) The benefit‑cost ratio of the proposed project.

(b) In selecting projects to receive funding from the Spot Mobility Program, the Department shall give preference to projects that will improve access from the State highway system to a school. For purposes of this section, the term "school" means any facility engaged in the educational instruction of children in any grade or combination of grades from kindergarten through the twelfth grade at which attendance satisfies the compulsory attendance law and includes charter schools as authorized under G.S. 115C‑218.5. (2019‑231, s. 4.12(a).)