§ 136‑16.  Funds and property converted to State Highway Fund.

Except as otherwise provided in this Chapter, all funds and property collected by the Department of Transportation shall be paid or converted into the State Highway Fund. For the purposes of this section, funds include net proceeds from the sale or lease of real property owned by the Department or otherwise owned by the State and solely maintained by the Department of Transportation. (1919, c. 189, s. 8; C.S., s. 3595; 1933, c. 172, s. 17; 1957, c. 65, s. 11; 1973, c. 507, s. 5; 1977, c. 464, s. 7.1; 2007‑323, s. 27.15; 2019‑199, s. 2(a); 2022‑68, s. 15(b).)