§ 136‑142.  Declaration of policy.

The General Assembly hereby finds and declares that although junkyards are a legitimate business, the establishment and use and maintenance of junkyards in the vicinity of the interstate and primary highways or within the vicinity of North Carolina routes in counties that have no interstate or federal aid primary highways within the State should be regulated and controlled in order to promote the safety, health, welfare and convenience and enjoyment of travel on and the protection of the public investment in highways within the State, to prevent unreasonable distraction of operators of motor vehicles and to prevent interference with the effectiveness of traffic regulations, to attract tourists and promote the prosperity, economic well‑being and general welfare of the State, and to preserve and enhance the natural scenic beauty of the highways and areas in the vicinity.  It is the intention of the General Assembly to provide and declare herein a public policy and statutory basis for regulation and control of junkyards. (1967, c. 1198, s. 2; 1993, c. 493, s. 1.)