§ 136‑140.18.  Temporary modification of TODS panels.

(a) The Department shall allow a participating business or facility to close for remodeling or to repair damage from fire or other natural disaster if its TODS panels are covered or removed while the business or facility is closed. No refund of fees or extension of the time remaining in the contract for participation will be provided for the period of closure.

(b) The Department may, at its discretion, remove or cover TODS panels for roadway construction or maintenance, for routine maintenance of the TODS assembly, for traffic research study, or for any other reason it considers appropriate. Businesses or facilities are not entitled to any refunds of fee amounts for the period that the TODS panels are covered or removed under this subsection unless the period exceeds seven days.

(c) The TODS panels for seasonal businesses or facilities shall have an appropriate message added during the period in which the businesses or facilities are open to the public as part of their normal seasonal operation. (2001‑383, s. 1.)