Article 11B.

Tourist‑Oriented Directional Sign Program.

§ 136‑140.15.  Scope of operations.

(a) Program. – The Department of Transportation shall administer a tourist‑oriented directional signs (TODS) program.

(b) Definitions. – The following definitions apply in this Article:

(1) TODS. – Tourist‑oriented directional signs (TODS) are guide signs that display the business identification of and directional information for tourist‑oriented businesses and tourist‑oriented facilities or for classes of businesses or facilities that are tourist‑oriented.

(2) Tourist‑oriented business. – A business, the substantial portion of whose products or services is of significant interest to tourists. The term may include a business involved with seasonal agricultural products. When used in this Article, the term "business" means a tourist‑oriented business.

(3) Tourist‑oriented facility. – A business, service, or activity facility that derives a major portion of income or visitors during the normal business season from road users not residing in the immediate area of the facility. When used in this Article, the term "facility" means a tourist‑oriented facility.

(c) Limitation. – The Department shall not install TODS for a business or facility if the signs would be required at intersections where, due to the number of conflicting locations of other highway signs or traffic control devices or other physical or topographical features of the roadside, their presence would be impractical or unfeasible or result in an unsafe or hazardous condition.

(d) Duplication. – If a business or facility is currently shown on another official highway guide sign, such as a logo sign or supplemental guide sign, on the same approach to an intersection where a TODS panel for that business or facility would be located, the business or facility may elect to keep the existing highway guide sign or have it removed and participate in the TODS program. If the business or facility elects to retain the existing highway guide sign, the business or facility is ineligible for the TODS program at that intersection. (2001‑383, s. 1.)