§ 136‑129.1.  Limitations of outdoor advertising devices beyond 660 feet.

No outdoor advertising shall be erected or maintained beyond 660 feet of the nearest edge of the right‑of‑way of the interstate or primary highway systems in this State outside of the urban areas so as to be visible and intended to be read from the main‑traveled way except the following:

(1) Directional and other official signs and notices, which signs and notices shall include those authorized and permitted by Chapter 136 of the General Statutes, which include but are not limited to official signs and notices pertaining to natural wonders, scenic and historic attractions and signs erected and maintained by a public utility, electric or telephone membership corporation, or municipality for the purpose of giving warning of or information as to the location of an underground cable, pipeline or other installation.

(2) Outdoor advertising which advertises the sale or lease of property upon which it is located.

(3) Outdoor advertising which advertises activities conducted on the property upon which it is located. (1975, c. 568, s. 6; 1999‑404, s. 9.)