135-48.2. Undertaking.

(a) The State of North Carolina undertakes to make available a State Health Plan (hereinafter called the "Plan") exclusively for the benefit of eligible employees, eligible retired employees, and certain of their eligible dependents, which will pay benefits in accordance with the terms of this Article. The Plan shall have all the powers and privileges of a corporation and shall be known as the State Health Plan for Teachers and State Employees. The State Treasurer, Executive Administrator, and Board of Trustees shall carry out their duties and responsibilities as fiduciaries for the Plan. The Plan shall administer one or more group health plans that are comprehensive in coverage. The State Treasurer may operate group plans as a preferred provider option, or health maintenance, point-of-service, or other organizational arrangement.

(b) Payroll deduction shall be available for coverage under the Plan for subscribers able to meet the Plan's requirements for payroll deduction. (2008-168, s. 3(c); 2009-16, ss. 2(f), 5(h); 2009-281, s. 1; 2009-313, s. 2; 2010-194, s. 18(b); 2011-85, ss. 2.6(a), 2.10.)