135-109. Reports of earnings.

The Department of State Treasurer and Board of Trustees may require each beneficiary to annually provide a statement of the beneficiary's income received as compensation for services, including fees, commissions, or similar items, income received from business, and benefits received from the Social Security Administration, the federal Veterans Administration, any other federal agency, under the North Carolina Workers' Compensation Act, or under the provisions of G.S. 127A-108. The benefit payable to a beneficiary who does not or refuses to provide the information requested within 120 days after such request may be suspended until the information so requested is provided, and should such refusal or failure to provide such information continue for 180 days after such request the right of a beneficiary to a benefit under the Article may be terminated. (1987, c. 738, s. 29(q); 2003-359, s. 23; 2016-108, s. 8.)