131E-27. Contracts with federal government.

A hospital authority is authorized:

(1) To borrow money and accept grants from the federal government for or to aid in the construction of a hospital facility;

(2) To acquire any land acquired by the federal government for the construction of a hospital facility; and

(3) To acquire, lease or manage any hospital facility constructed or owned by the federal government.

To these ends, a hospital authority is authorized to enter into contracts, mortgages, trust indentures, leases or other agreements giving the federal government the right to supervise and approve the construction, maintenance and operation of the hospital facility. It is the purpose and intent of this Part to authorize every hospital authority to do any and all things necessary to secure the financial aid and cooperation of the federal government in the construction, maintenance, and operation of hospital facilities. (1943, c. 780, s. 19; 1971, c. 799; 1983, c. 775, s. 1.)