Article 13.

Temporary Management of Long-Term Care Facilities.

131E-230. Legislative findings.

The General Assembly finds that:

(1) A substantial number of citizens of this State now reside, or in the future may reside, in long-term care facilities within this State;

(2) Improper operation of long-term care facilities may tend to create a substantial risk of serious physical injury to residents;

(3) The closure of a long-term care facility can have adverse effects on the residents thereof, especially if the closure and transfer of residents is done hastily;

(4) The general health and welfare of the people of this State, particularly those persons residing in long-term care facilities within this State, would be enhanced by development of a procedure for the court appointment of a temporary manager to assure the proper operation of a long-term care facility in certain instances until a manager chosen by the facility is prepared to properly operate the facility, or until the residents can be safely transferred to a proper alternative setting; and

(5) The use of a temporary manager is intended as a temporary measure and the ongoing or long-term operation of a nursing facility by a temporary manager is neither beneficial nor appropriate. (1993, c. 390, s. 1.)