Article 7A.

Statewide Trauma System Act of 1993.

131E-162. Statewide trauma system.

The Department shall establish and maintain a program for the development of a statewide trauma system. The Department shall consolidate all State functions relating to trauma systems, both regulatory and developmental, under the auspices of this program.

The Commission shall adopt rules to carry out the purpose of this Article. These rules shall be adopted with the advice of the State Emergency Medical Services Advisory Council and shall include the operation of a statewide trauma registry, statewide educational requirements fundamental to the implementation of the trauma system. The rules adopted by the Commission shall establish guidelines for monitoring and evaluating the system including standards and criteria for the denial, suspension, voluntary withdrawal, or revocation of credentials for trauma center designation, and the establishment of regional trauma peer review committees. Each regional trauma peer review committee shall be responsible for analyzing trauma patient care data and outcome measures to evaluate the ongoing quality of patient care, system performance, and medical direction within the regional trauma system. The committee membership shall include physicians, nurses, EMS personnel, trauma registrars, and hospital administrators. Review of medical records by the Trauma Peer Review Committee is confidential and protected under G.S. 143-518. A Trauma Peer Review Committee, its members, proceedings, records and materials produced, and materials considered shall be afforded the same protections afforded Medical Review Committees, their members, proceedings, records, and materials under G.S. 131E-95. The rules adopted by the Commission shall avoid duplication of reporting and minimize the cost to hospitals or other persons reporting under this section. The Office of Emergency Medical Services shall be the agency responsible for monitoring system development, ensuring compliance with rules, and overseeing system effectiveness.

With respect to collection of data and educational requirements regarding trauma, rules adopted by the Medical Care Commission shall limit the authority of the Department to hospitals and Emergency Medical Services providers. Nothing in this Article shall be interpreted so as to grant the Department authority to require private physicians, schools, or universities, except those participating in the trauma system, to provide information or data or to conduct educational programs regarding trauma. (1993, c. 336, s. 1; 2001-210, s. 2; 2003-392, s. 2(c).)