Article 2.

Rural Health Care Stabilization Program.

131A-30. Definitions.

The following definitions apply in this Article:

(1) Commission. - The Local Government Commission established pursuant to G.S. 159-3.

(2) Eligible hospital. - A health care facility located in a development tier one or development tier two area, as defined in G.S. 143B-437.08, that is unable to sustain operations for more than three years from the date of application for a loan under the Program.

(3) Fund. - The Rural Health Care Stabilization Fund established in accordance with this Article.

(4) Health care facility. - Any one or more buildings, structures, additions, extensions, improvements or other facilities, whether or not located on the same site or sites, machinery, equipment, furnishings, or other real or personal property suitable for health care or medical care.

(5) Loan. - A sum of money loaned to an applicant with an obligation on the part of the applicant to repay the sum, plus interest, in accordance with a loan agreement.

(6) Plan. - A hospital stabilization plan developed in accordance with G.S. 131A-33.

(7) Program. - The Rural Health Care Stabilization Program established pursuant to this Article.

(8) Public agency. - Any county, city, town, hospital district, or other political subdivision of the State existing or hereafter created pursuant to the laws of the State authorized to acquire, by lease or otherwise, operate, or maintain health care facilities.

(9) UNC Health Care. - The University of North Carolina Health Care System established pursuant to G.S. 116-37. (2019-240, s. 27.2.)