130A-71. Procedure for withdrawing from district.

Fifty-one percent (51%) or more of the resident freeholders of a portion of a sanitary district which has no outstanding indebtedness, with the approval of the sanitary district board, may petition the county board of commissioners of the county in which a major portion of the petitioners reside, that the identified portion of the district be removed and excluded from the district. If the county board of commissioners approves the petition, an election shall be held in the entire district on the question of exclusion. A majority of all the votes cast is necessary for a district to be removed and excluded from a sanitary district. The county board of commissioners shall notify the Commission who shall remove and exclude the portion of the district, and redefine the limits accordingly. (1957, c. 1357, s. 1; 1973, c. 476, s. 128; 1983, c. 891, s. 2.)