130A-70.1. Satellite annexation in conjunction with municipal annexation in certain sanitary districts.

(a) This section only applies to a sanitary district where one or more municipalities lie within its boundaries.

(b) Whenever a municipality which lies within a sanitary district receives a petition for annexation under Part 4 of Article 4A of Chapter 160A of the General Statutes, the municipality may petition the sanitary district for that sanitary district to also annex the same area. In such case, the sanitary district may, by resolution, annex the same area, but the annexation shall only become effective if the territory is annexed by the requesting municipality.

(c) If G.S. 160A-58.5 allows the municipality to fix and enforce schedules of rents, rates, fees, charges, and penalties in excess of those fixed and enforced within the primary corporate limits, the sanitary district may do likewise as if G.S. 160A-58.5 applied to it.

(d) If the annexed area contains utility lines constructed or operated by the county and the sanitary district is to assume control, operation, or management of those lines, the sanitary district and county may by contract agree for the sanitary district to assume the pro rata or otherwise mutually agreeable portion of indebtedness incurred by the county for such purpose, or to contractually agree with the county to reimburse the county for any debt service. (2001-301, s. 1.)