130A-4.3. State funds for school nurses.

(a) The Department shall use State funds appropriated for the School Nurse Funding Initiative to supplement and not supplant other State, local, or federal funds appropriated or allocated for this purpose. The Department shall ensure that communities maintain their current level of effort and funding for school nurses. These funds shall not be used to fund nurses for State agencies. These funds shall be distributed to local health departments according to a formula that includes all of the following:

(1) School nurse-to-student ratio.

(2) Percentage of students eligible for free or reduced-price meals.

(3) Percentage of children in poverty.

(4) Per capita income.

(5) Eligibility as a low-wealth county.

(6) Mortality rates for children between one and 19 years of age.

(7) Percentage of students with chronic illnesses.

(8) Percentage of county population consisting of minority persons.

(b) The Division of Public Health shall ensure that school nurses funded with State funds (i) do not assist in any instructional or administrative duties associated with a school's curriculum and (ii) perform all of the following with respect to school health programs:

(1) Serve as the coordinator of the health services program and provide nursing care.

(2) Provide health education to students, staff, and parents.

(3) Identify health and safety concerns in the school environment and promote a nurturing school environment.

(4) Support healthy food services programs.

(5) Promote healthy physical education, sports policies, and practices.

(6) Provide health counseling, assess mental health needs, provide interventions, and refer students to appropriate school staff or community agencies.

(7) Promote community involvement in assuring a healthy school and serve as school liaison to a health advisory committee.

(8) Provide health education and counseling and promote healthy activities and a healthy environment for school staff.

(9) Be available to assist the county health department during a public health emergency. (2017-57, s. 11E.1.)