130A-310.70. Notice of intent to remediate.

In addition to the public participation requirements of the individual programs listed in G.S. 130A-310.67(a), the person who proposes to remediate a site under this Part shall send a notice of intent to remediate to all local governments having taxing or land-use jurisdiction over the site, and to all adjoining landowners. The notice shall include all of the information required in G.S. 130A-310.69(a) and include a statement of intent to clean up the site to site-specific remediation standards. The person shall submit to the Department a copy of the notice of intent provided to local governments and adjoining landowners, a certification that the notice of intent to remediate was so provided to those parties, and all information and comments that the person received in response to the notice. In addition, the person shall, when appropriate, describe how the remedial action plan was modified to address comments received in response to the notice. (2011-186, s. 2.)