§ 130A-309.57.  Scrap tire disposal program.

(a) The owner or operator of any scrap tire collection site shall, within six months after October 1, 1989, provide the Department with information concerning the site's location, size, and the approximate number of scrap tires that are accumulated at the site and shall initiate steps to comply with subsection (b) of this section.

(b) On or after July 1, 1990:

(1) A person may not maintain a scrap tire collection site or a scrap tire disposal site unless the site is permitted.

(2) It is unlawful for any person to dispose of scrap tires in the State unless the scrap tires are disposed of at a scrap tire collection site or at a tire disposal site, or disposed of for processing at a scrap tire processing facility.

(c) The Commission shall adopt rules to carry out the provisions of this section. Such rules shall:

(1) Provide for the administration of scrap tire collector and collection center permits and scrap tire disposal site permits, which may not exceed two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) annually.

(2) Set standards for scrap tire processing facilities and associated scrap tire sites, scrap tire collection centers, and scrap tire collectors.

(3) Authorize the final disposal of scrap tires at a permitted solid waste disposal facility provided the tires have been cut into sufficiently small parts to assure their proper disposal.

(4) Repealed by Session Laws 2013-413, s. 18. For effective date, see Editor's note.

(d) A permit is not required for:

(1) A tire retreading business where fewer than 1,000 scrap tires are kept on the business premises;

(2) A business that, in the ordinary course of business, removes tires from motor vehicles if fewer than 1,000 of these tires are kept on the business premises; or

(3) A retail tire-selling business which is serving as a scrap tire collection center if fewer than 1,000 scrap tires are kept on the business premises.

(e) The Department shall encourage the voluntary establishment of scrap tire collection centers at retail tire-selling businesses, scrap tire processing facilities, and solid waste disposal facilities, to be open to the public for the deposit of used and scrap tires. The Department may establish an incentives program for individuals to encourage them to return their used or scrap tires to a scrap tire collection center.

(f) Permitted scrap tire collectors may not contract with a scrap tire processing facility, unless the processing facility documents that it has access to a facility permitted to receive the scrap tires. (1989, c. 784, s. 3; 2012-200, s. 14(a); 2013-413, s. 18.)