130A-309.52. Findings; purpose.

(a) The General Assembly finds that:

(1) Scrap tire disposal poses a unique and troublesome solid waste management problem.

(2) Scrap tires are a usable resource that may be recycled for energy value.

(3) Uncontrolled disposal of scrap tires may create a public health and safety problem because tire piles act as breeding sites for mosquitoes and other disease-transmitting vectors, pose substantial fire hazards, and present a difficult disposal problem for landfills.

(4) A significant number of scrap tires are illegally dumped in North Carolina.

(5) It is in the State's best interest to encourage efforts to recycle or recover resources from scrap tires.

(6) It is desirable to allow units of local government to control tire disposal for themselves and to encourage multicounty, regional approaches to scrap tire disposal and collection.

(7) It is desirable to encourage reduction in the volume of scrap tires being disposed of at public sanitary landfills.

(b) The purpose of this Part is to provide statewide guidelines and structure for the environmentally safe disposal of scrap tires to be administered through units of local government. (1989, c. 784, s. 3.)