§ 130A-193.  Vaccination and confinement of animals brought into this State.

(a) Vaccination Required. - An animal brought into this State that is required to be vaccinated under this Part shall immediately be securely confined and shall be vaccinated against rabies within one week after entry. The animal shall remain confined for two weeks after vaccination.

(b) Exceptions. - The provisions of subsection (a) shall not apply to:

(1) An animal brought into this State for exhibition purposes if the animal is confined and not permitted to run at large.

(2) An animal brought into this State accompanied by a certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian showing that the animal is apparently free from and has not been exposed to rabies and that the animal is currently vaccinated against rabies. (1935, c. 122, s. 11; 1983, c. 891, s. 2; 2009-327, s. 8.)