130A-131.33. Certificate; program information.

(a) The Department shall provide a certificate to out-of-school time programs that demonstrate that the program meets HEPA standards. If the out-of-school time program is located on a school site, the out-of-school time program shall communicate with the school regarding nutrition education and physical activity, as appropriate, to provide the program attendees with a complete educational experience. All activities shall also adhere to the local school administrative unit's wellness policy, as appropriate.

(b) The Department shall have information about the program available for review by a parent at both the physical location of the out-of-school time program and on the program's Internet Web site, if applicable. The Department shall require that the out-of-school time program maintain in its records a document signed by all parents acknowledging that they are aware of the HOST Recognition Program requirements and policies to institute and reinforce these specific healthy behaviors for all children served in the out-of-school time program. (2016-94, s. 12E.2(d).)