130A-131.31. Definitions.

The following definitions shall apply in this Part:

(1) Department. - The Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Public Health.

(2) HEPA Standards. - The National Institute on Out-of-School Time Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Standards.

(3) Out-of-school time program. - Any nonlicensed program provided to children and youth ages 17 and under that is currently exempt from G.S. 110-91 or any other qualified out-of-school time programs that serve school-age children outside of regular school hours, including before school and on weekends.

(4) Program attendee. - A person enrolled in an exempt out-of-school time program.

(5) Screen time. - Time spent viewing or working on television, videos, computers, or handheld devices, with or without Internet access. (2016-94, s. 12E.2(b).)