Part 8. Office of Women's Health.

130A-131.25. Office of Women's Health established.

(a) There is established in the Department the Office of Women's Health. The purpose of the office is to expand the State's public health concerns and focus to include a comprehensive outlook on the overall health status of women. The primary goals of the Office shall be the prevention of disease and improvement in the quality of life for women over their entire lifespan. The Department shall develop strategies for achieving these goals, which shall include but not be limited to:

(1) Developing a strategic plan to improve public services and programs targeting women;

(2) Conducting policy analyses on specific issues related to women's health;

(3) Facilitating communication among the Department's programs and between the Department and external women's health groups and community-based organizations;

(4) Building public health awareness and capacity regarding women's health issues by providing a series of services including evaluation, recommendation, technical assistance, and training; and

(5) Developing initiatives for modification or expansion of women-oriented services with the intent of establishing meaningful public/private partnerships in the future.

(b) The Office shall study the feasibility of establishing initiatives for:

(1) Early intervention services for women infected with HIV; and

(2) Outreach, treatment, and follow-up services to women at high risk for contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

In conducting the study the Department shall take into consideration related services already in place in the Department and at the local level. (1997-172, s. 2.)