Part 7. Birth Defects.

130A-131.16. Birth defects monitoring program established; definitions.

(a) The Birth Defects Monitoring Program is established within the State Center for Health and Environmental Statistics. The Birth Defects Monitoring Program shall compile, tabulate, and publish information related to the incidence and prevention of birth defects.

(b) As used in this Part, unless the context clearly requires otherwise, the term:

(1) "Birth defect" means any physical, functional, or chemical abnormality present at birth that is of possible genetic or prenatal origin.

(2) "Program" means the Birth Defects Monitoring Program established under this Part.

(c) Physicians and persons in charge of licensed medical facilities shall, upon request, permit staff of the Program to examine, review, and obtain a copy of any medical record in their possession or under their control that pertains to a diagnosed or suspected birth defect, including the records of the mother.

(d) A physician or person in charge of a licensed medical facility who permits examination, review, or copying of medical records pursuant to this section shall be immune from civil or criminal liability that might otherwise be incurred or imposed for providing access to these medical records based upon invasion of privacy or breach of physician-patient confidentiality. (1995, c. 268, s. 1.)