127B-32. Eviction; penalty or fee; extension of lease.

(a) If a servicemember who is a member of the North Carolina National Guard, or who is a member of the National Guard of another state who resides in this State, has a lease agreement on the servicemember's residence and the lease agreement expires while the servicemember is engaged, for any period of time, in State active duty or service under an order of the governor of another state that is similar to State active duty, the servicemember is entitled to extend the lease agreement to terminate 10 days after the servicemember's State active duty or service terminates upon providing written or electronic notice to the landlord or the landlord's representative. The terms of the lease agreement during this period of extension shall be the same terms that applied during the month before the expiration.

(b) This section applies only to servicemembers who are current on all rents and security deposits required and in good standing regarding the lease agreement. Nothing in this section relieves the servicemember of the obligation to pay rent, fees, dues, or other monies required in the lease agreement on time and in full. (2019-161, s. 1(a).)