127A-57. Execution of processes and sentences.

All warrants and other processes authorized by this Chapter and sentences of any of the military courts of this State shall be executed by any sheriff, deputy sheriff, or State or local law enforcement officer into whose hands they may be placed for service or execution, and the officer shall make return thereof to the officer issuing or imposing the same. The service or execution of process or sentence shall be made by the officer without tender or advancement of fee therefor; but all costs in these cases shall be paid from funds appropriated to the Department of Public Safety. (1917, c. 200, s. 62; C.S., s. 6833; 1973, c. 108, s. 80; 1975, c. 604, s. 2; 2010-193, s. 12; 2011-145, s. 19.1(g); 2011-195, s. 1(a).)