127A-165. Counties and municipalities may lease, convey or acquire property for use as armory.

Every municipality and county of the State of North Carolina is hereby authorized and empowered to lease or convey by deed to the State of North Carolina:

(1) Any existing armory and the land adjacent thereto;

(2) Any real property suitable for the construction of an armory, warehouse or other facility; and

(3) Any real property suitable for use in the administration, instruction and training of any unit.

Every municipality and county is further authorized and empowered to acquire any real property which may be suitable for use as an armory or for the construction of an armory thereon, or for any other purpose of a unit. The contracting of an indebtedness and the expenditure of public funds by any municipality or county to comply with the provisions of this Article are hereby declared to be a necessary expense and for a public purpose. (1947, c. 1010, s. 7; 1949, c. 1066, s. 1; 1975, c. 604, s. 2.)